World After Corona New Changes & Trends

In 2020, the world changed suddenly, the world after corona. A virus made humans rethink, re-evaluate, and reconstruct. A lot of us admitted we were going too fast. We needed to watch our pace.

Since we didn’t realize it ourselves, in came the Mother Nature to play her part. COVID-19 that started initially as an epidemic in Wuhan, a city of China, gradually spread around the world to become a pandemic. Suddenly every human was wearing a mask.

Sanitizers became the norm. Designers around the world started manufacturing funky masks. Lockdowns were imposed. And people were wondering what went wrong.

World After Corona New Changes & Trends

But away from the world of humans, nature was thriving. With factories and businesses closed, the air began to clear up. The fishes returned to the ponds, the wildlife felt free to roam.

As humans were caged inside their homes, nature regained freedom. The birds filled the air with their songs. It seemed nature had a plan. The quarantine seemed like a much-needed thing.

The quiet and peace we had longed for were finally here but so was death and disease in the world after corona. Those suffering as a result of COVID-19 grew in numbers as the months passed by.

For the first time in life, we had a chance to gaze within and around us. Contemplation saved many souls. Substance missing from our fast-paced lives suffocated with ambitions came back.

Many heaved a sigh of relief to know the bliss of family life. Silence and introspection were embraced as a way of healing.

Socializing is good but it takes its toll. It triggers a rush of feelings and overwhelms the heart and soul. A lot of people saw staying at home as a relief with the exceptions of a few.

Today we know the wisdom of Wordsworth who sought peace in nature. Today we understand the poets who glorify and idolize nature in the world after corona.

Though computers and gadgets are more than ever part of our lives owing to the online classes and working from home trends, yet we feel closer to nature as we find more time to gaze at the concrete walls around us.

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